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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel products are used in Clean Rooms, Laboratories, Food Processing Plants and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing or Mixing - 304 SS is typical for these items. Highly corrosive atmospheres - such as Swimming Pool Areas and Waste Water Treatment plants usually require 316 SS - Clear Powder Coat is available for extra protection. Call 816-268-0807 or email sale@registers-direct.com for more information and pricing. Products to be listed soon.

 915-SS  915-SS Series 915-SS


 916-SS Series 916-SS
 931-SS  931-SS Series 931-SS
 932-SS  932-SS Series 932-SS
 933-SS  933-SS Series 933-SS
 934-SS  934-SS Series 934-SS
 935-SS  935-SS Series 935-SS 
 936-SS  936-SS Series


935FG-SS  935FG-SS Series 


 600-SS  600-SS Series  600-SS
 600P-SS  600P-SS  600P-SS