2602 Series 1-1/2 Hour Curtain Type Fire Damper

Standard Features
Square or rectangular spring actuated curtain-type fire damper for horizontal or vertical mount
4 1/4" standard roll formed frame
Designed for use in walls, floors, and partitions with fire resistance ratings of 2 hours or less (for ceiling application, see 2700 series)
UL listed and tested in accordance with UL Standard 555
1 1/2 hour fire resistance rating
Building materials rated 2 hours or less
CSFM California State Fire Marshal listed
Interlocking steel roll-formed blades
Blade lock to secure blades once the product is activated
Damper manufactured from corrosion tested galvanized mild steel (G-90)
165° replaceable fusible link (#50)
Maximum size 60"x60"
Vertical mount only without spring actuator and blade lock, maximum size single section 60"x60" or multiple sections 120"x120" (2601)
Stainless steel
Fractional, exact O.D. dimensions