902 Series Aluminum Airfoil Blade Single Deflection Diffuser

Standard Features
Single deflection surface mount grille with adjustable airfoil blades
Blades are parallel to the shortest dimension
Extruded aluminum surface mount frame with signature line marks
Provides 2-way air flow on one plane
Nylon bushings on adj. blades prevent metal on metal rattle
Countersunk mounting  with color matching Phillips Pozidriv screws
Rust-resistant pre-coat with durable powder finish
Soft White
Recessed screwdriver operated Opposed Blade Damper
2" ADC compliant square to round collar with a bead for ease of installation
Heavy Duty Construction (1-1/2" frame depth utilized)
MRI Compatible
Insect Screen
Fractional, exact I.D. and O.D. sizes
T-20 Tamper Proof Screws