RS34 Radius Flush Mount Double Deflection Spiral Diffuser - 12 x 4

  • $173.64

Standard Features
Double deflection radius mount spiral pipe grille with adjustable blades
Front blades are parallel to the shortest dimension
Back blades are parallel to the longest dimension
Allows for 4-way airflow
Nylon bushings on adj. blades prevent metal on metal rattle
One piece curved frame with gasket fits flush to spiral pipe
Product sizes available to fit spiral pipe diameter 8” – 48.”
Spiral pipe diameter must be 4” larger than the width of the grille.
Galvanized Finish
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Perforated face grille
Recessed screwdriver operated Opposed Blade Damper
Half-length screwdriver operated Scoop Extractor
Full-length screwdriver operated Scoop Extractor