3000 Series - Opposed Blade Air Control Dampers

Standard Features
Opposed blade operation for precise volume control
16 gauge galvanized channel frame
Galvanized blades are vee stiffened for extra strength and stability
Blades pivot on high-temperature nylon bushings
1/2" square zinc plated steel pivot pins
1/2" square zinc plated steel adjustable operating shaft, extending up to 4" beyond the air control frame
Blades run parallel to the first dimension given
Blades must be operated on a horizontal plane
Minimum size 8"x8"
Maximum one piece size 48"x48"
Galvanized Finish
Low Leak Package: features stainless steel jamb seals, blade to blade neoprene seals, and 3% maximum leakage with a pressure differential 3" W.C. (3000OBDLL)
Air control damper with aluminum airfoil blades. The airfoil blade design provides excellent pressure drop performance over standard blade design.
12 gauge galvaneal construction
Extended square operating shaft (extending 7-1/2" beyond the air control frame)
Round operating shaft (1/2" diameter)
Spring opening damper
Spring closing damper
Oil impregnated bronze bearings
Outside mounting flange
Direct mount damper motors (Field installed.) Mounts on operating shaft. Standard operating shaft position is bottom right, the back side of damper blades when viewed from the face of the product. View Image
Fractional and exact O.D. dimensions