2750 Series - 3 Hour Radiation Ceiling Butterfly Damper

2750 Series - 3 Hour Radiation Ceiling Butterfly Damper

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Standard Features
Round ceiling radiation butterfly damper
Designed for protection of ceiling openings in fire rated floor/ceiling assemblies with fire resistance ratings of 3 hours or less
UL listed and tested in accordance with UL Standard 555C
3 hour fire resistance rating
Building materials rated 3 hours or less
CSFM California State Fire Marshal listed
Zinc plated steel closure spring
All steel parts with galvanized finish or zinc coating
22 gauge butterfly style galvanized steel blades
22 gauge galvanized steel roll formed frame
Ceramic fiber blade insulation with fiberglass cover*
165° replaceable fusible link
Available in 4" through 24" round

Extended sleeve (2751)
212° Fusible Link

2750 Series Submittal

2750 Install Instructions

*Note: Ceramic fiber blade insulation is not UL required on dampers with free areas less than 80 square inches. Dampers above 80 square inches free area will be provided with blade insulation.