RDA Series Adjustable Round Ceiling Diffuser

Standard Features
Adjustable round 3 cone ceiling diffuser
Air pattern adjusts from horizontal to vertical by rotating the core
Thread adjustment design offers multiple throw configurations
Spring latch removable core allows for easy installation
First to market with 2" round collar with mounting holes for ease of installation
Rust-resistant pre-coat with durable powder finish
Soft White
Note: 30" and 36" standard color is glossy white and extended lead times apply

Opposed Blade Radial Damper

RDA Series Submittal
RDA 30", 36" Submittal

RDA Series Engineering/Performance Data

RDA 6" and 8" Diffusers
RDA 10" and 12" Diffusers
RDA 14" and 16" Diffusers
RDA 18" and 20" Diffusers
RDA 22" and 24" Diffusers

Smoke Test Video